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Web calendar software

RSSCalendar by Lookout Software is a web-based calendar and event software application for publishing online, interactive calendars of events. With RSSCalendar, you embed calendars with events into your website by passing in a few lines of JavaScript in your website's HTML.

How does RSS Calendar's web calendar software Work?
Log into your account and create calendars and calendar events.
Publish your live calendars via RSS and/or on your organization's website.
Website visitors and calendar subscribers interact with your calendar events.

Who is RSS Calendar's web calendar software for?

Any organization that wishes to manage, publish and promote events will benefit from using RSSCalendar's web calendar software service. This includes, but is not limited to:

CheckedChurches, Syngogues, Temples,...
CheckedNon-profit organizations
CheckedFor-rent venues and ticket sellers
CheckedNews publishers
CheckedSchools, Colleges, Universities,...
CheckedCorporate events
CheckedHealth clubs
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